The Rock Teen Center originally opened in the Spring of 2012 in a strip retail building located at 32nd Street and Thunderbird as a part of a community project called The Rock at 32nd Street founded by Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation and Genesis Church. The success of the program and the non-profit allowed for upgrades to expand the facility, purchase new equipment and build-out an improved space for better creative use. Robert Porter Construction had previously completed work in the building for both the church and existing teen center and was invited back to perform the renovation work. The new and improved Teen Center now boasts a state-of-the-art recording studio with sound control, vocal and video production rooms, music practice rooms, arts center and administration offices.

About The Solid Rock Foundation:
Solid Rock was founded in 1995 by long-time Arizona residents and devoted fathers Alice Cooper and Chuck Savale who envisioned a faith-based organization dedicated to make an everlasting difference in the lives of teens in the community. The Teen Center is an engaging music and art sanctuary that allows teens to build confidence and nurture a passion for music, recording, dance and art. The Rock Teen Center at 32nd Street was built to help Solid Rock fulfill its mission to create a model for an arts-based teen center that will serve as creative sanctuary for troubled teens in this community and across the country in the future.

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