Interested in securing General Contracting services through a Job Order Contract (JOC)? We can surely help.

Let’s define what a JOC is …
A Job Order Contract is a manner for public agencies to procure services or products through a licensed vendor or service provider such as a General Contractor. The State of Arizona mandates that public entities must select vendors based on a qualification process and not by just price alone. So, there is a formality that public entities must abide by to procure contractor services. This involves issuing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) which in turn leads to numerous candidates submitting a qualification package based from the RFQ. The evaluation process involves grading each contractor based on how well they respond to the RFQ. The best candidates are short listed and then a final award(s) is given to the most qualified contractor(s).
Be JOC Ready in no time!
As a 1GPA approved contractor, Robert E. Porter Construction, is available to provide contracting services for public agencies across Arizona without having to procure a contract through the typical qualification and procurement processes normally required. We have already been qualified with 1GPA, so this will speed up the process and give you peace of mind that you are getting quality work at a fair price. It’s that simple. Once your business is registered as a member of 1 GPA you can use Robert Porter Construction for you Job Order Contracting needs.
About 1GPA
1GPA is a nonprofit governmental purchasing cooperative that allows public agency “members” to take advantage of existing public contracts to purchase the goods and/or services that they need at the most competitive prices and without having to go through the entire solicitation process themselves!